Natasa Sarafijanovic-Djukic

Research and Teaching Assistant at EPFL (until February 2010)  

Laboratory for Computer Communications and Applications (LCA)
School of Computer and Communication Sciences (I&C)

Phone: +41 21 693 7547
Address: EPFL, Batiment BC (BC-260), Station 14, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

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I obtained a Ph.D. degree from EPFL in February 2010.
Thesis: Collaborative Routing in Mobile Partitioned Networks

Short Biography

Research Interests

My research interests are in mobile ad-hoc networking, specifically in mobility models and routing algorithms. I am interested in how mobility impacts routing algorithms and in possibly exploiting mobility to help routing. One specific scenario I investigate is mobile partitioned networks.

Research Projects



A Parsimonious Model of Mobile Partitioned Networks with Clustering,
M. Piorkowski, N. Sarafijanovic-Djukic, and M. Grossglauser, COMSNETS 09, Bangalore, India, January 2009. [pdf]

On Clustering Phenomenon in Mobile Partitioned Networks,
M. Piorkowski, N. Sarafijanovic-Djukic, and M. Grossglauser, The First ACM SIGMOBILE International Workshop on Mobility Models for Networking Research, Hong Kong, May 2008. [pdf]

Island Hopping: Efficient Mobility-Assisted Forwarding in Partitioned Networks,
N. Sarafijanovic-Djukic, M. Piorkowski, and M. Grossglauser, IEEE SECON 06, Reston, VA, September 2006. [pdf]

Last Encounter Routing under Random Waypoint Mobility,
N. Sarafijanovic-Djukic and M. Grossglauser, NETWORKING 04, Athens, Greece, May 2004. [pdf]