439 - Mobile Networks

Section Systèmes de Communication and Section d'Informatique

Winter semester 2004/2005

Prof. Jean-Pierre Hubaux

The ns-2 brief tutorial is available here.

Last year's exam questions and the answers of this year's exam are available here.


Welcome to the home page of the Mobile Networks course. This page is regularly updated to reflect the schedule and work assignments of the course. The purpose of the course is to give you a sound understanding of the architecture and operating principles of mobile and wireless networks (MAC layer and above).

This course provides:



Room and Tentative Calendar

The lecture and exercise sessions take place every Tuesday 13:15 - 16:00 in room INM202, starting Tuesday October 19, 2004.

The hands-on exercises take place in room INN021.

The calendar hereafter is very tentative.


The slides are available here.

Homework Series (pencil and paper)

Homeworks will be proposed to let you train for the exam. Questions are available here.

Hands-on exercises

You will have the opportunity to make hands-on exercises on wireless LANs (IEEE 802.11) in the Internet Engineering Workshop of LCA. The description is available here.


You will receive a mark of up to 6/6, based exclusively on the exam.


The exam will be written. It  will contain questions related to the understanding of the course and some problems similar to the homework exercises; some of the questions will be related to the hands-on exercises. You must bring your own pocket calculator. You may bring any document you wish with you. The questions will be stated in English; you may write your answers either in French or in English.